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Sexual Dysfunction Specialist

Patrick L. Allen, MD, II, PLLC

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Are you experiencing sexual dysfunction? This condition can cause a range of feelings in women who suffer from it. If you are in the Richland Hills, TX area, contact Dr. Patrick Allen and his experienced staff to help you diagnose and treat sexual dysfunction.

Sexual Dysfunction Q & A

What are the symptoms of sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction in females can be a very common occurrence, happening at any stage of life. These issues can also occur in every sexual situation or only in certain situations. Symptoms of female sexual dysfunction will depend on the type of sexual dysfunction you are experiencing.

Lack of interest or willingness to have sex is known as low sexual desire. Desire with a difficulty becoming aroused or maintaining arousal is referred to as sexual arousal disorder. Difficulty achieving orgasm after arousal and persistent stimulation is known as orgasmic disorder. Pain during sexual stimulation or intercourse is known as sexual pain disorder.

What causes sexual dysfunction?

Many women experience sexual dysfunction after significant hormonal changes that occur after childbirth or during menopause. Other causes may include medical conditions like cancer or certain medications like antidepressants. Psychological or social factors that influence sexual dysfunction may include anxiety or depression, history of sexual abuse, or chronic stress. In addition, cultural or religious issues can affect body image leading to a diminished sex drive. Chronic relationship problems may also cause sexual dysfunction.

How is sexual dysfunction treated?

If you are experiencing female sexual dysfunction, you can seek professional treatment. Dr. Patrick Allen is dedicated to diagnosing and treating the problems underlying sexual dysfunction in order to revive your sexual responsiveness.

Possible treatments may include educational materials to learn more about anatomy, sexual functioning, and the aging body. Stimulation exercises or materials, incorporation of non-sexual intimacy, techniques to reduce pelvic pain and/or improve lubrication, as well as distraction techniques to relieve sexual anxiety may also help.

Make an appointment with your gynecologist to discuss any issues you are having with your sex life. Sex is an important and special part of life, and we are committed to helping you enjoy it again.

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