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Annual physicals are an important part of maintaining women’s health and wellness. If you are due for your physical, contact the Richland Hills, Texas practice of Dr. Patrick Allen to schedule an appointment.

Physicals Q & A

What is involved in gynecological physicals?

Gynecological physicals are an essential aspect of maintaining women’s health and wellness. During this exam, your doctor will ask questions to learn more about your menstrual periods and sexual history. Your doctor may also ask about any abnormal symptoms you have been experiencing in addition to your general health and family history.

During your yearly physical, your doctor will complete a pelvic exam and breast exam. In the pelvic exam, your doctor examines the reproductive organs (i.e. the vulva, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries) for signs of infection or disease. A Pap smear is generally a part of a routine physical exam. In the breast exam, your doctor will make circular motions around your breasts to check lumps or abnormalities.

How often will I need a physical?

Most women should start getting their annual gynecological physical every year beginning at age 21. However, if they are sexually active, these exams should occur earlier than age 21. These exams continue yearly until around age 29. Women aged 30 to 64 may come in for a physical every other year or as often as recommended by their doctors. Breast exams are recommended on a yearly basis for women 40 years and older, and every one to three years for women under 40.

How can I prepare for my physical?

The best time to schedule your gynecological physical is when you are in between periods. This allows your doctor to obtain a clear view of the pelvic tissues. Avoid vaginal intercourse and inserting anything into the vagina for at least 24 hours before your physical. Be aware of the dates for your last menstrual period and come prepared with any issues or questions you have for your doctor to get the full advantage of your gynecology visit.

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