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Endometrial Biopsy Specialist

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An endometrial biopsy is a special gynecological procedure that enables your doctor to obtain a tissue sample for the uterine lining. Contact the Gynecology practice of Dr. Patrick L. Allen in Richland Hills, TX to learn more about this procedure.

Endometrial Biopsy Q & A

Why do I need an endometrial biopsy?

An endometrial biopsy involves the removal of a small section of the tissue from the uterine lining, known as the endometrium. This procedure is conducted in order to examine potentially abnormal tissues.

Your doctor may recommend that you undergo an endometrial biopsy if you have been experiencing abnormal menstrual periods that are heavy, prolonged, or irregular in nature, if you have encountered bleeding after menopause, if you have experienced bleeding after hormone replacement therapy, if an ultrasound showed a thickened uterine lining, and if there is suspicion of endometrial cancer.

How can I prepare for my endometrial biopsy?

In order to proceed with an endometrial biopsy procedure, your gynecologist must have an understanding of your present symptoms and past medical history. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or might be pregnant. Inform him about any medications you are taking, any allergies to medications, any history of taking blood-thinners, any history of heart or lung problems, and any history of infections in the pelvic area.

Your doctor will likely recommend that you refrain from douching, using tampons, or inserting any creams or medicines in the vagina. He may suggest that you take an over-the-counter pain reliever shortly before the biopsy to block pain associated with cramping that may occur during the procedure.

What happens during an endometrial biopsy?

During an endometrial biopsy, you will undress below the torso and cover your lower half with a sheet. You will place your feet in stirrups that allow your doctor a better view of the pelvic area. A speculum will be inserted into the vagina to hold it open so that the cervix can be clearly examined. A local anesthetic may be applied to the cervix. A special tool is gently inserted through the cervix into the uterus where your doctor will use it to collect a sample of the uterine lining. This entire procedure will last about 5 to 15 minutes.

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